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How Do You Feel Today?

You feel exhausted, overextended with your daily grind? Then the best remedy is to go for a 20-minute walk, ride a bicycle, or do some sport — all this on a regular basis. And things will improve: you increasingly feel better motivated and confident with lots of energy. Is this optimistic picture just an abstract theory, pretentious nonsense, nothing but claptrap? You can find this out yourself in an "objective" way by means of computerized voice analyses.

Monitoring Affective State Over Time

We have developed an easy-to-use «Depressive-Voice» App that installs on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Based on normative data from clinical studies, this App allows users to monitor their affective states over time through daily 2-minute voice recordings. A recording involves: (1) invoking the App; (2) adjusting microphone volume; (3) counting from 1 to 30; and (4) reading out loud a standard text. The results of new recordings are compared with all previous results. For details see the [«Depressive-Voice» App Manual].

«Depressive-Voice» App: Biofeedback

Directly Interpretable Results

«Depressive-Voice» App results are directly interpretable by the user and can help to better cope with the ups and downs of the daily grind ("biofeedback": users can learn, for example, to control stress-related bodily reactions). Getting involved and doing something about it is the most important step for people under chronic stress or at an elevated risk of depression. And this is what prevention is all about.

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The «Depressive-Voice» App has been rigorously tested by 120 students under various conditions — see our [scientific article].

The «Depressive-Voice» App installed on a smartphone and a tablet
Positive and negative affects —such as happiness, sadness, safety, fear, peacefulness, aggression— have a significant impact on both body and mind. We have developed a «Depressive-Voice» App that allows users to monitor their affective states over time through daily 2-minute voice recordings on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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