IFMA Preventive Health Management Inc.

Institute for Medical Advancement

New York, USA


Wearable Medical Devices

IFMA — Preventive Health Management Inc. does not promote just another fitness tracker but, rather, an integrated system for the early detection and prevention of stress-related health problems. This system is backed by large-scale scientific studies along with population-based normative data from 6 countries: (1) a 10-minute test that quantifies coping behavior and detects that 10% subgroup of the general population with insufficient coping skills; (2) a "Bio-Ring" for continuous 24/7 assessments of 8 key bio-physiological factors; (3) a highly sensitive voice analysis method that allows one to monitor a subject's affective state by means of 2-minute voice recordings.

The "Bio-Ring"

The Bio-Ring is a high technology e-Health sensor that combines no less than 8 key bio-physiological sensing methods into a compact easy to wear and long life fashion accessory. The ring records the following physiological factors: heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, physical activity, sleep quality, skin conductance, and body temperature. [Patent pending: Application GB 1310785.9]

Technology Overview

The Bio-Ring literally brings the best of recent advances in medical sensor technology direct to your Finger Tip. The ring contains an embedded microprocessor, signal processing software, FLASH memory and highly sensitive sensing electronics. This is used to capture and store data sensed on your finger during every minute of the day for up to 14 days. Using a Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, or iPhone, the user has access to these data and can view the results or process them further to obtain a longitudinal overview of health and lifestyle.

Quality Control

Each device has a serial number and comes with a final test report showing detailed results before and after a rigorous 24 h stress test. All units are functionally tested by means of a comprehensive pre-defined procedure: The devices are placed in a test bed for 24 hours where they perform full rate activity cycles while the temperature continuously floats between 5°C and 45°C. Every 4 hours the procedure is interrupted by an instant shock application. All this ensures full functionality of each ring during its useful life.

Bio-Ring: Medical Sensor Technology on your Finger Tip
The ring electronics are encased in a combination of silicon rubber and thermal plastic housing. It is hermetically sealed and may be worn during bathing and swimming. Available in different standard sizes it can be extended to fit comfortably to any finger, as with all fashion jewelry. The top section of the ring facing to the back of hand is 31mm x 21mm x 8mm. Bio-Rings of the pre-production series are currently being used for normative studies with healthy subjects.

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