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Depressive-Voice Smartphone App

We have developed an easy-to-use «Depressive-Voice» App that installs on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Based on normative data from clinical studies, this App allows users to monitor their affective state and reactions to acute stress through daily 2-minute voice recordings. A recording involves: (1) counting out loud from 1 to 30; and (2) reading out loud a short text. The results of new recordings are compared with all previous results. Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español.

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Auditory Evaluation & Training

Hearing loss is a complex medical condition where multiple genetic and environmental factors are involved. Environmental factors include noise exposure, ototoxin exposure, infections, smoking, and comorbidities like hypertension or diabetes. We have developed a self-assessment «Auditory Evaluation» App combined with personalized auditory training ("AudEval"): Please take the time to learn what auditory training on a regular basis can do for you. Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español.

⇒ Documentation    download the «Auditory Evaluation» Manual for free
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Rating Instruments and Questionnaires

Here is a collection of major rating instruments and questionnaires that are commonly used in psychiatry, psychology, and stress research. They give an impression of the complexity of this field of research and summarize signs and symptoms that may be relevant in this context.

Important Note: All rating instruments and questionnaires presented here are copyrighted. The material is for educational and reference purposes only.

vSpacer The «Depressive-Voice» App installed on a smartphone and a tablet
This App allows users to assess stress-related fluctuations in affective state over time through daily 2-minute voice recordings. New recordings are compared with all previous recordings to monitor changes over time.
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